A Sneaky Midnight Snack

 Hello Everyone!

In recent updates we've been fixing bugs and providing builds for Windows 64bit & 32bit, Mac, and Linux 64bit & 32bit! We hope you've had a chance to try our pre-alpha demo for Eat All The Things by now.

In this update, we'd like to introduce the Midnight Snack! After eating it you will receive a cloaking effect which breaks any lock The Watcher currently has on you, and cloaks you from The Watcher for 10 seconds! Use it when you're being chased and can't find a place to hide in time!

You can find it on final island of the first stage in our pre-alpha demo, available here https://eatallthe.itch.io/things, please let us know if you find any bugs!

Don't forget to share our Kickstarter(https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/360951081/eat-all-the-things) with anyone you think may be interested!

Eat All The Games


EAT_Windows_64bit.zip 28 MB
Aug 27, 2017
EAT_Windows_32bit.zip 26 MB
Aug 27, 2017
EAT_Mac.zip 31 MB
Aug 27, 2017
EAT_Linux_32bit_64bit.zip 48 MB
Aug 27, 2017

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